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About Tonye Brown

Get to know me in 1 minute

About me

Creative Web developer and designer with 4+ years developing pixel perfect websites and web apps in a variety of industries including gaming, fashion, music, education, etc.

Dedicated to continuously learning, implementing and adopting new web standards and technologies to produce innovative web applications.
Tonye Brown


Great guy! Awesome Front-end Developer. Kickass UI/UX designer + developer. Graphic design pro. And much more.
Scroll down and view my portfolio; I've worked on all sorts of creative and challenging projects.

E-mail me: Scroll down to email me


Just a sample of my work history


  • November 2018 - March 2019

    Intermediate Front End Developer @ Appnovation Technologies.

    Website development for various projects. Clients include Tobago Tourism Agency, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, and FTSE Russell.

    Duties included developing reusable components based on design mock-up’s and prototypes using fractal (a design system), integrating into Drupal systems, building an interactive Map with React to highlight key tourist destinations and css-grid system bug fixes.

    Technologies used – React, Node, Angular, HTML5, SASS, Twig/handlebars, Fractal.build, SQL, Drupal 8, Lando, Docker, BitBucket, Gitlab, JIRA, etc

  • June 2018 - November 2018

    Web Developer @ BluePrint Reality Inc.

    Website design, development, UI/UX for mixcast.me as well as UI/UX skinning (html, css, animations, etc.) for proprietary products. Built custom React & JavaScript solutions for various use-cases. Website optimization rating increased from E grade to a B grade.

    Technologies used – React, Node, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress, C#, SQL, WooCommerce, MongoDB, Docker, etc.

  • 2017-2018

    Service Desk Analyst BCLC

    Maintaining an Asset Database and track changes, and troubleshooting of IT related problems from in-house software and hardware, (Blackberry’s, iPhones, Laptops, PCs and Printers) to troubleshooting basic network issues.

  • 2016-2017

    Customer Support Representative @ BCLC

    Consumer Services - Technical support provided over the phone and online chat for lottery products offered by BCLC, problem solving, time management and multi-tasking, written and verbal communication.

  • 2016-present

    Freelance @ Contractor

    Mobile App Development (Android apps only for now), Website development (WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and JQuery), graphic design (web, print), motion design (After Effects), etc., for various small businesses, organizations and musicians in BC.


  • 2016

    Thompson Rivers University Degree

    BCs in Computing Science (4th Year).
    Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems; Databases; Algorithms; Programming Languages; Advanced Web development; Ethical Hacking; Software Engineering, and more.

  • 2012-Present

    Language and Technologies

    HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, C++, C#, C, Java, etc.
    MS Office, Adobe Creative Cloud; Eclipse; FL Studio; etc.
    WordPress, Drupal, Blogger.

    Node.js, Meteor, etc.

Random Facts about Me

Creative & Hard-working
Will code for money
Fun(ny) Team Member
Motivated life-long learner
Multimedia Extraordinaire :.*
Loves Teamwork


My latest projects

MixCast PhotoBooth - UI/UX + Front end development

One of the most fun projects I've worked on - I was given full creative freedom to bring the product to life. MixCast VR PhotoBooth looks great on any device in landscape and portrait modes regardless. Scroll down for more screenshots and a video showing the animations. 

Skills Used

HTML, SASS/SCSS, React, UI/UX development, responsive design
Mobile-first design, CSS3 Animations, etc.

Tablet Screenshots

Mobile Device (Phone) Screenshots

UI/UX - Animations + Quick Demo

MixCast - Website Development

Website overhaul of MixCast's official website to better represent the brand/product and allow easier updates in the future.

Setup and deployed a staging website to use for testing and delivered a spectacular final product that looks great on desktops and mobile devices.

Skills, Technology & Tools Used

PHP, CSS3, HTML5, WordPress, Digital Ocean, speed optimizations and digital asset optimization via caching, etc. Improved page speed scores from D/E to A/B on pingdom.

Screenshots (www.mixcast.me) - scroll further down for the "before" screenshots.


Truevined - Hang Time (Graphic Design) - Music Artwork

Artwork for Truevined's newest track + Music visual


Music Visual

Grace (Remix) - Single artwork - Graphic Design + Video

Artwork for Truevined's newest single


Music Visual

Khalid - OTW (Truevined Remix)

Artwork for Truevined's newest single


Truevined - Rebrand + Website development

I rebranded and redesigned Truevined from the ground up to be cleaner looking, spaced out  and less cluttered. This was the result.

Skills Used


Cool Features

Responsive mobile first design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Responsive web development
Adobe Photoshop   

Integrated e-commerce platform
JavaScript Music Player
Fully responsive

See it live (www.truevined.com)

Truevined - Ashes & Wind - Album artwork

Album artwork for Truevined's new album - Ashes & Wind

Skills Used

Graphic design, Photoshop, illustrator, etc.


Truevined - Wait a Minute - Music Artwork

Music artwork for Truevined (me lol) new single - Wait A Minute

Skills Used

Graphic design, Photoshop, illustrator, etc.


Mike0Mania - Mint EP - Music Artwork

My friend wanted an music artwork for his new release titled Mint. He wanted something that was fresh like trident/Dentyne gum packaging; I suggested we do a take on the trending glitch style.

Skills Used

Photoshop, Illustrator, magic sauce.


Purity Ring - Sea Castles - MUSIC ARTWORK

Artwork for a REMIX I released.
Side note: I'm a musician and try to consistently create music.

Skills used

Photoshop for music artwork
FL Studio for beat/instrumental


5kco.com - Web Developent and UX

My friend at 5kco needed his website launched - wanted something minimalist and bold to accurately represent his clothing company - the result can be seen below.

Fully custom mobile and multi-device ready. Check it out at www.5kco.com

Other features: Back end website to update t-shirts sold physically for campaign, sidebar menu reveals partially on hover to show icons, on click shows text and icons.

Skills Used

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Music Artwork + Instagram Grid - Truevined - Ruth B - Lost Boy Remix

Artwork for Truevined's new release "Ruth B Lost Boy remix". FYI, Truevined is me, I produced and mastered the song: It's available for streaming and download everywhere.

Skills Used     

Software Used

Graphic DesignPhotoShop
TypographyFL Studio
Music Production

Doodle #8

First things first, this is not abstract. There's an acronym in there somewhere; if you know where I work right now, you know what the acronym is.

Let's call this a rebrand.

Alternate Version 1

Alternate Version 2

Alternate Version 2 

Gate Keepa Music - Web development

A good friend, Tha Gate Keepa, a musician based in Kelowna needed his website updated; this was the result.

Skills Used

Software Used

Web development
Responsive design
One page website


See it live

Live Screenshots

Doodle #6

Doodle! First draft of "Love Drops" - See the final version here.

Doodle #5

Doodle! Created this one for National Puppy day!

Doodle #4

Doodle! This one is titled "Burning Water "

Doodle #3


The idea of parachutes with supplies falling down to help those who need relief resonates with me for some reason. Airdrop. Or maybe better, Lovedrops.


What I have worked on in the past or currently working on

Calc 8 (Android)

Scientific Calculator with Speech

Dress Me Up (Android)

Language Teacher for kids

Music App (In Progress)

Coming soon

Fitness App (in progress)

Coming soon

Knowledge App (In Progress)

Coming soon

Big Project (In Progress)

Coming soon


Get in touch with me

Street Address

Kamloops, BC

Phone number