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Weather App - UI/UX - Front End Development + Design

Designed and developed a fully featured weather web app to track the weather in multiple cities.

Some features of the weather app include:
  • Add mutliple cities to track
  • Toggle between Light and Dark theme
  • Toggle between Celcius and Fahrenheit for temperature
  • Persisting locations to local storage (until user accounts are possible).
  • Toggle Full screen
  • Add and remove cities
  • Fully responsive
  • Weather videos for different weather types
  • Error handling for adding invalid locations

Keep in mind it's designed to be mobile first, but looks great on all screen sizes. Check the app out here: Weather App. Scroll down to see some screenshots.

Skills & Technologies Used

React, HTML5, SASS, Netlify, UI Design, Bootstrap, Axios, React-Player, Gatsby, GraphQL, OpenWeatherMap API, CSS animations, UX, etc.

Screenshots (Mobile)

Desktop Screenshot


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